Fire Chiefs of the Department

The Chatham Fire Protection District has had only a few individuals that they have called Chief since the fire protection district was formed in 1928. To date, there have only been ten individuals elected or appointed to this position.

The first Fire Chief of the Chatham Community Fire Protection District was Everett Cary who served in this position for 21 years. Everett Cary also holds the distinction of having the longest tenure as Chief. Gerald Hughes holds the distinction of being the only individual elected twice to be the Fire Chief. He was elected in March of 1979 and served through June of 1984, then again from June of 1992 through June of 1994.

Through the early 1990's the Fire Chief was elected each year by the membership of the department. He in turn appointed his staff officers each year. With the advent of full-time staffing and a new station looming, the Chatham Fire Protection District Board of Trustees removed this process from the membership and appointed their first full-time Fire Chief, Bruce Osborne. Chief Osborne saw the Chatham Fire Protection District through the transition from a volunteer department to a combination department along with the building of our current station.

The Fire Chief's names and their years of service are as follows:

Oct, 2005 to Present - Philip G. Schumer

Jun, 1994 to Jun, 2005 - Bruce A. Osborne

Jun 1992 to Jun, 1994 - Gerald M. Hughes

Jun, 1989 to Jun, 1992 - Michael D. Branham

Jun, 1984 to Jun, 1989 - Gerald L. Baulos

Mar, 1979 to Jun, 1984 - Gerald M. Hughes

Jun, 1978 to Mar, 1978 - Richard B. Estill

Jul, 1964 to Feb, 1978 - Russell R. Cloyd

Jun, 1964 to Jul, 1964 - Charles W. Nichelson

May, 1949 to Jun, 1964 - Lester Wiley

May, 1928 to May, 1949 - W. Everett Cary