District Trustees History

In Honor of Those Whom Have Served as Board Members of the Chatham Community Fire Protection District
with Overwhelming Dedication, Outstanding Performance, and Exemplary Service Given in the Interest of Public Safety.

Served as President

Ralph C. Jacobs, Jun 1956 to May 1979

Walter Nowak, Jun 1979 to May 2004

Steven A. Sullivan, Jun 2004 to Nov 2008

Gerald M. Hughes, Dec 2008 to Present

Served as Secretary

William C. Skaggs, Jun 1956 to March 1971

Ed Bobell, 1978 to August 1981

John D. McMillan, Sep 1981 to Feb 1986

Ivan L. McBride, Apr 1986 to May 1996

Michael D. Branham, Jun 1996 to May 2008

George A. Perkins, Feb 2009 to Present

Served as Treasurer

John J. Workman, Jun 1956 to Dec 1977

Don E. Butler, Aug 1977 to Jun 2008

Gary L. Mueller, Oct 2008 to Present